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Young people between the ages of 15 and 25 constitute a fifth of the world’s population. In India the percentage is 47%. i.e average age of an Indian is 27 years.

India is in the peak of turning its economy into booming economy because of its demographic dividend and government, civil society organizations are doing their best to harness the demographic dividend to its advantage.

But inspite of so many schemes and policies made to empower young people India’s unemployment rate was seen to be 7.11 in the year 2020. Also according to UN, only 65.4% of women are literate compared to 82.1%. Moreover, only 25.4% of girls are enrolled in higher education india which states that there is a lack of investment and equitable opportunities for all its citizens interms of gender, ethnicity, caste and other economic background. India’s gender gap rating is 140 out of 156 countries and it is estimated that it will need 265 years to close this gender gap.

The pandemic has risen the gap in inequality in education and gender, a recent study done by UNESCO says, students not learning whole year, will  catch up their regular learning trajectory by 2030.

If this problem is NOT resolved, it will lead to: India will lose its golden opportunity to unlock its demographic dividend which will result in decrease of the economy, increase in inequalities and inequitable opportunities and thereby affecting the quality of lives of all its citizens. The causes underlying this collective failure to reap the demographic dividend are numerous, varied and complex. Nevertheless, at WAY, we believe that at the root of this demographic dividend crisis lies is grassroot leadership. There is a severe deficit of people at all levels of the society who are committed to work together inclusively to empower the generation of young people. Whether its gender gap or education inequality. Solution is simple and clear

We need more

grassroot leaders 

We are in a mission to empower young people in becoming grassroot leaders to lead, build agency and bring innovative localised solutions in the field of education and gender equity.

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How are we weaving change stories like Jolina as local leaders?

we engage young people like Jolina in an empowering incubator modelled programming without borders to act, to understand, to build and to inspire community actions around education and gender. We do this with our three specific thematic areas.

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