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Youth Leadership
on Education

What it is?


Developing young leaders and changemakers making them responsible for their actions through different youth leadership journeys. We do it with young people from underpriviledged communities. By underpriviledged we meant young people who donot have equal access to growth opportunities and agencies to develop themselves towards active citizenship.


Why do we do it?


We do it coz we believe India is in the cross road of demographic dividend. We believe we can harness it only when young people of today are taking leadership roles in their responsibilities as a citizen. Hence, we believe young people has be to trained, awared, inspired and motivated to be social change agents.


How do we do it? 


We do it by engaging young people and giving them exposures to Social Action Projects, designing and implementing youth leadership journeys, mentoring and by creating various exposures to national and international platforms. We facilitate such spaces where young people can share, design, create intergenerational dialogues and engage with the social system.


How it will lead to the mission statement?

While our works give the young people a space to learn about social interventions, it opens up doors for them to understand about local issues, youth leadership journeys give them tools to think critical about local issues and find localised solutions. Which will finally results in empowering young people to lead, build agencies and bring innovative localised solutions on issues which matters to them.

Rahul's journey from Education dispair to hope

Maturity is not by age, but the acceptance of your “Responsibilities”, the inspiring story of a young pioneer


                      with gender is critical to demographic dividend

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