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Youth Leadership
on Gender

What it is?


This is a cross-cutting area and flows throughout our works as an approach or lens. We do it with young people from underpriviledged communities. By underpriviledged we meant young people who donot have equal access to growth opportunities and agencies to develop themselves towards active citizenship.

Why do we do it?


India’s gender gap rating is 140 out of 156 countries and it is estimated that it will need 265 years to close this gender gap. Now, we believe until and unless this gap is reduced, we cannot harness the full power of the demographic dividend. With the existence of inequity, the road would seems more far away. Hence, it is critical to train these young leaders to understand about the gender disparities that exists in the society so that our leaders are more gender neutral and sensitive.


How do we do it?

We do it by enaging young leaders on gender sensitive workshops, gender specific programming and by keeping all our programs alinged with gender as a working lens.


And how it will lead to the mission statement?


Gender disparity exists in India looking at few examples such as India’s childhood literacy rates which is 82% boys and 65% girls who can read and write according to the Census 2011. As mentioned earlier India’s gender gap is 140 out of 156 countries. We believe, until and unless India’s young people are aware, capacited on gender issues and with gender inclusive lens our vision to see localised solutions will not be gender inclusive which will resulted in more social disparities and thereby making the demographic dividend more hard to achieve. Hence, our works on gender in youth leadership is critical.

until and unless there is education equity can we reap the benefit of demographic dividend? 

Know what we are doing in alternative education to make education equity a reality and ensure young people from across the nation are working towards inclusive education leadership

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