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an express
changed his life !

I might to be too small to make a difference but together we will not be small.

Masoom hussain , the 17 years young, boy with big dreams. He literally had come up too far from his age to work for the community. At times when boys of his age would demand for new gadgets at home, he came out to work and support hisfamily. He lives with his parents and three siblings in Bhaskar Nagar, Guwahati. He had inborn creative talents of art and crafts and a passion for cooking. But the financial instability has been a barrier in fulfilling his dreams and trying out hisskills. 

An express that changed his life: 

Few years back, when Masoom was at his 7 th standard, he worked with WAY and participated in a programme named “Samjhoto Express” where he said that brothers and sisters do come to their school every Sundays and other holidays and spend some times, talking, discussing , listening and doing many other activities. Thus , that was his first platform , where Masoom could express himself out , about his interests and skills and the barrier he face to fulfill his dreams. There was even a time when he thought to drop out school, because there had always been a financial instability in his family and him beingthe eldest son had got many burdens since his early ages. But after joining WAY, he got a different life, besides being financially weak he didn’t kept quite, he actively participated in every task he could do, or any service he could provide tothe needy. Fit , fed and fun for life as being said by him , the “Samjhoto Express” is his life changer , he was called by the WAY volunteers to work with them , his creative mind was now been ,exposed to many new things in WAY. He enjoyed every task that he was assigned to do. WAY had always provided him with the materials he needed to try his creative skills which he could not afford at times. He was so skilled and passionate about crafting and cooking that every products that he try, comes out with awonderful output.Its been said that it is never too early to do a right thing, Masoom just at his beginning years of his teenage, came up to work for the community. Initially he started by providing free tution classes to the underprivileged with the full support of WAY.He take a very minimum fee and to some he provide tution classes for free. Then he went on to work on Umananda Ghat for garbage cleaning and making the people aware that we should try to keep our community clean, now when he visits Umananda Ghat , he feels a kind of inner pride that the people of the area had really learned to take care of the area.

He also had worked with a programme named Convergence Lifeskills, amidst this he had worked with WAY in distributing ration to Needy families. Along with, the team of WAY ,he had distributed ration and medicine at Amer area. He had been in that area , helping the needy and working for their betterment. Thus as, his name says “masum” he clearly justifies the symbol of innocence, and a zeal to move forward by breaking all the hindrances that comes against his dreams.

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