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Our works

Our organization is purpose-built for the complex times we live in. The social development sector has always been in uncharted waters. Traditional models are broken. But the basics how community functions haven’t changed. Organizations need to know who they are, what they stand for, and what they’re here to do. And they need to stick to their commitment to self and people who believe in them in clear and compelling ways. Everything we do is in line with our mission statement and is backed by a theory of change which got organically placed as we evolved in this journey of social change since inception in 2013

Youth Leadership Journeys

We are currently leading a two year long youth-leadership journey for 50 young people on SDG4 & SDG5 around education and gender equity. This is a two year long journey where young people get exposure to the issues in the domain of education and ways they can intervene with the issues and build localised solutions to a global issues. Education is a space we all came from and a space we could relate a lot including all the changemakers we work with across various programs and projects.

Capacity Building Program on Youth Leadership.

We work with various civil society organizations enabling their community of young people and teenage leaders to impact more on real world issues around them. We do this in the forms of very engaging deep workshops with young people and children while giving them the tools for social change. Each batch of such young people challenges us to curate a tool which is specific to the need and skills set of the changemaker to be able to implement on ground. Our partners in this space includes Farm2Food Foundation, The Ant, UNICEF-Assam, SSA, SCERT, NSS Regional Headquarters and NCC Regional Headquarters.

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Smart Library Project.

A library very close to our hearts. When pandemic was in fullest swing, this library we created in a remote village in Meghalaya was the only source of education. It's still running and getting stronger. This is a library equiped with basic digital devices to enable children from local communities access to online education and exposure sessions led by many inspiring people from around the world. The sessions in the library includes basic maths, reading, experiential sceince, environment education and goal settings.

Inclusive Futball Project

Sports have the power to create local leaders who can directly impact the gender dynamics space. This program works with 16 teenage girls, enabling them to be local changemakers solving local issues using the power of sports. We used gender education via sports module that helps young participants to understand about gender dynamics followed by social and community change actions in their community.

Youth Volunteering Projects.

We constantly create short term projects for young people to volunteer and make a difference to be active citizens. These are series of volunteering spaces that are led by young changemakers from across India. It is open to young people at the age of 15-22years to take part in such experience. We have a separate and well designed structure to make the volunteering experience much simpler and easy for young people. VOlunteering projects ranges from child rights to disaster support intervention to mental health to education to gender issues. Explore this page for more

Vision & mission

Our vision is to see 

Young people having access to better agencies, equal opportunities, freedom, free choices with dignity and respect.

We exist with a mission to

empower young people to lead, build agency and bring innovative localised solutions to the issues matter to them and to the society.

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