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Teach- Don't Beat !

Youth Speaks Against Corporal Punishment

a volunteering social action project to
"Create short video on young people's perspectives on
Corporal Punishment"

700 videos created and shared in social media outreached
35000 people. Help us to get 1000 young people's voice

The Problem:

65% of children experience physical discipline (not counting mental harassment)- Ministry for Women and Child Development. 99% of school children are subjected to physical and mental abuse by teachers- National Commission for Protection of Child Rights


One solution out of many:

Creating videos of young people against corporal punishment and sharing them in social media will raise enormous conversations and engagement of young and adults over the issue. And in a best case scenario, it might be taken up by relevant authority to work on the various guidelines given by the NCPCR for dealing with issues related to corporal punishment in schools.

Join the volunteer-led campaign

Volunteering Information:
Time: 1-3 hour
Social Action Type: Youth Action


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