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Create social media posts on Youth in Stress

Help us to get 1000 social media post which would raise awareness on Youth Stress in Pandemic

The Problem:

Even though the lockdown gave many a time to hone new skills and learn something new, for the young students prepping for higher education, distant learning proved cumbersome. As per the report's findings, a whopping 65% of young people reported having learned less since the beginning of the pandemic because of the transition from the classroom to online education.

Nearly 50% of the younger students said that they feared the pandemic delaying their education and at least 9% said they feared 'failing' in their exams, which drove them to experience mental stress. The report also pinpointed to an apparent skewed difference between men and women. 

Source: Youth and Covid-19: impacts on jobs, education, rights and mental well-being, ILO 2020

One solution out of many:

Raise awareness among peers and adults that young people are stressed due to so many reasons so that parents, teachers starts talking about stress among young people during the pandemic. We consulted young people and fellow young people came forward to do this action project with and for the young people. Here it goes:

  1. Create a small team of local volunteers to work on the solution.

  2. Raise awareness in social media with the hashtag  #StressInPandemic while sharing how young people are stressed these days. Click a picture that depicts a stressed face and upload it in Social media handles using the hastag #StressInPandemic.

  3. Organize at least one local webinar with peers and discuss the topic. #StressInPandemic and also build solutions and share in your social media platforms to raise more awareness in your region.

  4. Engage with college teachers and parents to take this dialogue further.

Join the volunteer-led campaign

Volunteering Information:
Time: 2-5 hour
Social Action Type: Youth Action


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