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Sports power in pandemic

Well,fairytales and angles might come true one day if mankind finds it's language of good deeds for once and all.

Not a film fiction but a true story. Here's about inclusive football. Inclusive football is another rock solid attempt of social upliftment by the WAY foundation members, which was initiated with the Mayong Kids. Mayong, a backward region of the Northeastern states; comprising of social evils such as unemployment, child marriage, poverty, substance abuse etc. 

Like many other changemaker stories, this time the WAY discovered a common passion in the people of Mayong in football. Football is something they all relate to, listen to and connect. Therefore, taking this common root of likeliness a football academy was set up in the village, with utmost enthusiasm of the village kids. Girls & boys started playing there in their most youthful way possible. Well, obstacles are the test centers of our strength. Though both the boys and girls were eagerly playing with a keen interest in football, a lacuna stood up in between. It was noticed that during the tournaments the grasp of gender discrimination was marking the audience territory. During the football tournaments of all boys teams the audience seemed pretty supportive and engaging whereas the situation was vis a vis at the time of the girls team. In a proverb which says 'United we stand divided we fall', this particular action of the village people somewhere was able to shake the spirit of motivation of the girls playing football. They decided to give up on playing, justifying the unjust gesture of their own community people. While the pages of our Constitution marks the need for gender equality in all measures, reality is contrasting. Keeping in mind about this scenario WAY decided to come up with a new format of team formation. The sun risesand sets with the promise of a new dawn; giving a new face of the football team. In this new format both girls and boys would combine and form a single team. Therefore, the birth of inclusive football. The kids now played with equal amounts of attention from their village mens. Gradually this format became a big success. Kids from nearby villages were also motivated to play and build up football teams. An approximate number of 224 kids were reached out in the due process.

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Well again, the arrival of the sinful pandemic impacted the functioning of inclusive football. Inclusive football was not based on sponsorship which as a result started lacking in funds, leading to stoppage of resources to play. Due to covid-19, kids were not allowed to play together outside, on the other hand due to lack of resources they were unable to practice alone at home. After reaching out to different people, interaction and a whole lot of analysis, the team came to the conclusion that if they could provide football to each of the kids then only it was possible to retain their interest further. Hence, another major change was introduced under this program.

A self challenge named "Power of Sports in Pandemic" was launched. Incentives were taken for improving skills at the hour of global crisis, keeping in mind the covid-19 restrictions. Under this it was encouraged that even if the kids were not allowed to indulge with group practices, they could at least play inside their own house. So, the players were asked to give a self challenge and various activities were conducted further on this. For example if someone is good at juggling and he/she is capable of doing it 100 times, then the task demanded to multiply the no. of juggle by twice i.e. 200 times, challenging their own capability.

A period of one month was allotted for practice and at the end of the month they were asked to record a video of them juggling200 times. Whosoever completes the task, the top 3 contestants were provided with gift items consisting of necessary items such as footballs, jerseys, boots etc., which was different for every month. Thus they gained necessary tools for specific skills enhancement, keeping alive the hunger and passion. Well,fairytales and angles might come true one day if mankind finds it's language of good deeds for once and all.

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