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Teenage Changemakers in ACTION

These girls are fighting all odds to BE THE CHANGE
Marina Sangma:

“I started my journey so young that I could not recall everything that I have been through.” 

Merina started her journey very early and then went on to play football regularly; now we see a shift in her. Merina who was the youngest at one time now leads her team and motivates her team to play regularly. She is definitely the person who will never say no to play or any tough exercise. 

She is also influencing other girls to play. She is resisting child marriage in her community and make the elderly of her community understand what their dreams mean to them. Their change to becoming key towards driving change is definitely motivational for everyone. With her farming and allied activities with mother gave them financial independence to continue her studies.


Wanted to do something different, something for the goodwill of her people and only time could lead her to the path she belongs to. As it takes courage to push yourself to places you have never been before, to test your limits to break through barriers. Hence, God opens millions of flowers everyday without forcing their buds. Likewise she started working with WAY. Eventually a football team was started under which, Jolina was one of the most active members. She would play not only for attendance rather for the sake of passion. Jolina was not only a good player but also a responsible team-builder; a member with leadership qualities. She would go and ask for other members who might be absent during practice, the reason for their unfitness in the field and encourage all to play.

Rosna Ch. Marak:

It was really difficult during covid-19 lockdown to communicate with the community. But it was Rosna who made it possible to communicate throughout the thought phase. She made sure phones are charged so that we could communicate online to continue to have conversations for the smooth running of their practice sessions. 

Now that the covid situation is getting better and we have started  their training. She is helping us to reach out to nearby communities also to bring in more girls in the academy so that everyone makes the most out of it and realize their dreams.

She has also understood the importance of engaging with the younger girls in order to accelerate their dreams for their community. She is motivating younger girls to play football along with their studies. She makes sure they come to practice and follow the instructions. She also breaks the language and communication barriers with younger girls as they are very shy and has lesser exposure to the outer world.

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