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PAD BANKS- Peti4Beti is an innovative initiative of WAY Foundation which is completely designed, led and organised by WAY Changemakers from across India. These banks are interesting spaces which breeds social changemakers by giving them tools and reasons to engage in social actions.

What it is?


We are setting up PAD Banks across India to support young girls from NOT dropping out of schools. These banks are led by young passionate changemakers from various towns and cities and the main idea behind this PAD Banks to provide sanitary pads FREE OF COST to deserving girls from underpriviledge communities.

Why do we do it?


A 2014 report by the NGO Dasra titled ‘Spot On!’ informed that almost 23 million girls in India drop out of school annually, because of lack of menstrual hygiene management facilities, including availability of sanitary napkins and awareness about menstruation. The report further suggests that the girls, who don’t drop out, usually miss up to 5 days of school every month.

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How can you create your own PAD Bank in your locality and region?

  1. Fill up this form : THE REGISTRATION FORM

  2. We will designate a mentor from our space who would guide you through the process to set up a bank via an orientation.

  3. Once you are ready and you start rolling, tag us in your social media platform about your PAD Bank actitivities.

  4. Now, at this point, you can choose to donate your collections to us in our WAY Guwahati, Headquater or you can donate in your own to girls of your choices from your locality.

  5. Document the activities and share snapshots and videos and get yourself certified as a WAY Changemaker.

  6. As simple as it sounds !

Explore other projects you would like to work with us and for yourself

If you have idea of any social action project that you would like to work on send us an email at we can help you with various resource to make it a reality.

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