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volunteering projects

Below mentioned are standalone volunteering projects led by young people from across India to deliver impact. If you are a student and have time to volunteer to make a difference, please find interesting social project opportunities to impact rural and urban communities. Each card when clicked you will see the problem statement and solutions and what is our ask. You can directly apply for the initiative while understanding what is the time expected for each initiative from your end.

Incase, you don't find any project which is of interest to you from the bunch, please connect with us via instagram and share your plan, we would liekt to enagage and work with you to make your social action project a reality. 

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Join our teenage changemakers from Guwahati to raise awareness on mental health issues of young people caused due to the pandemic


Create a club to combat bullying in 3 public or underfunded schools.

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Tutor Club

Encourage ten or more students in one area to apply for a relevant govt. schemes, help them with the application process, and serve as their tutor for a year.

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Young Warrior on covid

Work together with 100s of young people in creating either awareness or conduct relief drives or help people in getting vaccinated

Jean Pocket

Launch a crowdsourcing campaign to collect jeans for at least 50 teenage boys and girls from slum areas in the city.

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Teen Grievance Study

Develop a study on the grievances of teenagers. Share the data with the ward commissioner in order to learn about the available redressal mechanism.


Work with a group of exciting changemakers in creating  PAD Banks for underpriviledged girls

Create a Vox Pop 

Create 5-vox-pop video on “Prevalence of online bullying among young people”

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